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Midori: The Girl in the Freak Show

(Shōjo tsubaki: Chika gentō gekiga Midori)
Midori: The Girl in the Freak Show
Vintage horror from cult eroguro manga artist Suehiro Maruo
Hiroshi Harada, Hisaki Eezu
Animation, Fantasy, Horror
Friday 26 November 2010 at 9:00pm
Genesis Cinema

When her father disappears after gambling away his family income, the young Midori becomes a flower girl, selling camellias (tsubaki) until one day, she is is kidnapped and sold to a travelling circus, forced to perform under the name Tsubaki Midori amongst an entourage of itinerant freaks. Hiroshi Harada's violent and unsettling ero guro epic is legendary in underground animation circles, rarely screened yet impossible to forget for those who’ve seen it. Set in the late 1920s during the early years of the Showa Emperor's reign, its story is based on a fantastical kamishibai paper play from the period later transformed into a cult manga by Suehiro Maruo in the 1980s.

Director's profile: 

Born in 1962, Hiroshi Harada is a freelance animator. Hisaaki Ezu is an animation director, particularly erotic and grotesque animation. He is currently missing.

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