Zipangu Fest 2012 Zipangu Fest 2012


The Green Slime 1 The Green Slime Plus Shorts THE GREEN SLIME ARE COMING!
Hitokuiyama Man-Eater Mountain Beware what lies beneath the surface!
Somi - The Taekwon-do Woman Somi - The Taekwon-do Woman An epic historical martial arts co-production between Japan and North Korea, made in 1997 and never before shown in the West.
To Sleep So As To Dream To Sleep So As To Dream Two private detectives hunt for an actress trapped within a frame of an ancient ninja film in Kaizō Hayashi’s magical homage to silent cinema.
Crossways Crossways Kinugasa's classic of the avant-garde, and one of the first Japanese films ever seen in the West, with a new score by Minima
Midori-ko Midori-ko A university researcher protects a human/vegetable hybrid in a dystopic dark fantasy that took ten years to complete.
King Kong vs Godzilla and Matango: Fungus of Terror Zipangu Fest x Cigarette Burns Triple Creature Double Feature Zipangu Fest and Cigarette Burns Cinema present a Creature Feature Double Bill in 35mm and full extra widescreen TohoScope!

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