What do Event Staffing Agencies Do?

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What do Event Staffing Agencies Do? Event staffing agencies provide their customers with staffing solutions to organize special events and marketing campaigns. They help customers to make their events unique, successful and memorable. Over the last decades, the number of event staffing agencies has gone up tremendously. Their spread across different regions of the globe reflects their growing popularity and centrality in today changing world. Event staffing is the process through which individuals are selected and trained for particular kinds of jobs. Event staff individuals help in the organization and management of venues for particular events, such as concerts, sports events, shows and fairs. They are expected to fill out a number of positions ranging from ushers, sound and light technicians to security personnel;

These agencies take care of all the details related to venue preparation and guest service for personal, social and business events alike. The range of staffing solutions they give cannot be covered in this paper. However, their services can be divided into three big categories:

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  • Promotional Services: this category of staffing solutions covers the fields of marketing and promotional campaigns. Individuals trained under this category work closely with the customers team to make sure the products being marketed reach the target audience. They provide solutions that cover the whole marketing process starting from the design of a marketing plan to results measurements. This category of services provides customers with such staff types as Brand ambassadors, market managers, support teams, product samplers, product demonstrators.

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  • Catering, Hospitality Services and Wedding Planners NYC: This category of services provides catering solutions for events of all sizes. These staffing solutions are particularly suitable to weddings, corporate events, holiday parties, Barbecues, Cocktail Parties and private dinners. The type of staff trained under this category includes-but not limited to-servers, model servers, bartenders, model bartenders and coat check attendants.


  • Entertainment Services: This category of staffing services is tailored to the special needs of customers. Under this category, Event Staffing Agencies work closely with their clients to provide talented entertainers to furnish their special events. This category of services is delivered by special talents including, DJs, Show Girls, Contortionists, Celebrity Impersonators , Acrobats, skill dancers etc.

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Whether you are looking to organize an in-house private dinner or a nationwide promotional product for your new product, Event staffing agency in NYC can help make your event successful and agreeable. These agencies are abundant across the globe, and they can provide you with the right staffing solutions;